Becky Lynch to Appear on CBS' 'Game On!' Tonight

Becky Lynch has been off WWE television since she announced her pregnancy back in mid-March. But for fans who have been missing "The Man" are in luck as she'll be appearing on Wednesday night's edition of Game On! alongside former WWE 24/7 Champion Rob Gronkowksi. Lynch made her pregnancy announcement at the start of the May 11 episode of Monday Night Raw and promptly relinquished her Raw Women's Championship, a title she held for over a full year.

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Missing The Man? See me tomorrow on @cbstv @gameon with @gronk @bobbyleelive 📸- Monty Brinton/ CBS

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In a new interview on The Bellas Podcast this week, Lynch revealed how she initially pitched to drop the title.

"I was like, 'is there a way she [Shayna Baszley] can beat me real quick?' [Seth] is like, 'No! You're not, no.' 'Yeah, you're right.' We talked a lot and decided, what if there's a tournament for the number one contendership and they don't know they're actually competing for the title," she said. "Right as they go to have the last match, I tell them it's for the title, but Money in the Bank was happening at the same time but it was too confusing to merge the two so they decided to do the Money in the Bank ladder match and have that as the title match without them knowing."

Meanwhile, Lynch's fiance Seth Rollins had an interview with New York Post earlier this week and talked about Lynch's post-pregnancy plans with WWE.


"Oh, she hates it. She doesn't hate not being around the business," he said. "Obviously, any kind of entertainment industry is gonna stress you out, so she doesn't miss that part of it. She missed the go, go, go. She missed having goals in mind. She missed having something to work toward. And it's hard because I've never been a pregnant person, so she's in a position too where she's had to just walk away and stop abruptly, her job. It wasn't like most other women who are pregnant are able to still work their jobs while they're pregnant and slowly transition out for a short period of time. The nature of our industry, she can't do that.

"For her to go just a million miles an hour to nothing and then to try to figure out, 'What do I do now?' in the middle of a pandemic as well, where there is just not a lot to do in general, is definitely a test for her. But she misses being out there and going and doing stuff and being active and having goals and career-oriented stuff," he added. "That's just how she defined her person over the years. It's definitely a challenge for her. She's awesome and she's getting through it, but it's different for her for sure."