WWE's Bianca Belair Defeats Carmella to Retain Raw Women's Title at Money in the Bank

The battle for the Raw Women's Championship was originally supposed to be between Champion Bianca Belair vs Rhea Ripley, but plans changed after Ripley suffered an injury. That left the opportunity open for several competitors, and it was Carmella who would win the chance to take on the Champ at the Money in the Bank. Tonight it was finally time for the two stars to meet in the ring, and Belair was immediately on the move, looking strong throughout the match. Carmella would give her a worthy challenge and tried to pin her several times, but Belair was the last one standing, retaining her Raw Women's Championship at Money in the Bank.

The bell hit and Belair went to work immediately, bringing Carmella down twice before Carmella hit an elbow and went to the other side of the ropes. A kick followed but Belair was right back up and they exchanged shoves. Carmella delivered a knee to the midsection but Belair evaded her and then hit her with two backbreakers, though Carmella would roll out of the ring to the floor to break things up.

Belair followed and Carmella charged at her but Belair slammed her down with her shoulder. Belair rolled her into the ring but Carmella hit two quick moves and went for a cover. Belair kicked out but Carmella then connected with a flurry of punches and slammed Belair's face into the turnbuckle. Several back elbows followed and then she took some time for taunting before slamming into Belair and going for a cover, but Belair kicked out quickly.

Carmella locked in a submission on Belair and then stomped on Belair's head but Belair managed to get away and slam Carmella's head into the turnbuckle. Then Belair was slammed down head first by Carmella, though she took time again to taunt. Belair hit a massive clothesline and then a series of punches on Carmella's back. Belair picked her up for an impressive vertical suplex and then hit 10 punches in the corner, including a stylish last punch. Carmella came back with a cradle and then a roll-up but Belair kicked out of both only to get met with a Superkick, but Belair kicked out of the cover attempt once more.

Belair then picked up Carmella and hit the KOD, and that was it, as Belair covered Carmella to retain her Raw Women's Championship.

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