Big E Wants His Feud With Roman Reigns to Continue After Survivor Series 2021

WWE's Survivor Series will once again feature the company's top champions battling each other, with Universal Champion Roman Reigns set to face WWE Champion Big E in the main event. Last year's show saw then-WWE Champion Drew McIntyre come up short against "The Tribal Chief" in what wound up being a one-off rivalry between the two. As he explained in a new interview with Yahoo Sports this week, E doesn't want the same thing to happen to him.

"There are some issues with us being on different brands, but we co-mingle at pay-per-views, so I think there are ways to build us up," E said. "You want to be in the ring with the very best. I hope it's not just a one-and-done at Survivor Series. I think that if we can get back to it, I'd absolutely love that. He's at the top and those are the matches that I want. I want to work with the very best. The beautiful thing also about me being new to the main event scene is now you have all of these fresh opportunities for matches we haven't seen in the past few years."

He also discussed the rivalry between the two. Over on SmackDown, Reigns and The Usos have been terrorizing Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods in recent weeks which prompted E to threaten to hospitalize Reigns in a promo on this week's Raw. 

"I'm looking forward to putting on a memorable match that people talk about for a while," he said. "I think what has happened the past couple of weeks has added a different level of vitriol with what they did to Kofi and [Xavier] Woods. We have our history with the Usos, but this version is different. I think those guys are at the very top of the industry, Roman has had an incredible run for over a year, he's been killing it. The Bloodline in general is just a dominant faction. Paul Heyman may be the best manager of all time, he's definitely in the conversation. I think when you see what they have been doing, it makes you want to step your game up and it makes you want to be even better. To add another level of intensity and to bring it. That's what I am excited for, to be a better version of myself. I talked about it before, being in the ring with Drew [McIntyre] made me better than I was when I walked in. That's what I hope when I am in there with Roman. When it is all over, I hope to have done something to add to my legacy, my resume and to walk out a better pro wrestler than I was beforehand."