WWE's Briggs and Jensen Retain NXT UK Tag Team Championships

After shocking everyone with their big NXT UK Championships win a few weeks ago, Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen have been hounded by Pretty Deadly. Pretty Deadly enjoyed a big run as Champions during their time in NXT UK, and weren't so pleased about Briggs and Jensen carrying their old Titles. Meanwhile, Briggs and Jensen weren't keen on letting their Title end reign so soon, and with Fallon Henley at ringside, the duo went all out to retain their Titles. Despite some shenanigans from Pretty Deadly, a little help from Henley balanced things out, and they were able to retain their NXT UK Tag Titles.

Pretty Deadly tried to throw Briggs and Jensen off their game with some western-styled gear, but it wasn't going to work. That's why later in the match Pretty Deadly threw the Titles in the ring and tried to get them disqualified, but the referee caught on and didn't DQ the match.

Then when the other Title came into play, Henley intervened and allowed the referee to get that thrown out too, and Briggs capitalized. He rolled up Kit Wilson and then got the three count for the pin and the win, and Briggs and Jensen have successfully retained their NXT UK Tag Team Championships.

We'll have to wait and see how things play out from here regarding Pretty Deadly's chances at a rematch. Briggs and Jensen might want to give some new challengers a shot though, and later in the night a new Tag Team did get their full introductions in The DYAD, so perhaps this is a possible future match-up.

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