WWE's Bron Breakker Retains NXT Title at Vengeance Day, Next Challenger Revealed

The main event of tonight's WWE NXT Vengeance Day was Bron Breakker vs Grayson Waller for the NXT Championship, and there was no love lost between the two competitors. Waller has attempted to make Breakker look vulnerable and off his game throughout their feud, and this was Breakker's best chance to get some payback. Waller stayed ahead of Breakker early in the match, evading Breakker and wearing the Champ down. At one point Waller pushed Breakker a bit too far though, and Breakker went on a rampage, knocking Waller down a peg. It was the crowd that really seemed to get to Waller though with their chants, and that gave Breakker the opening he needed to seal the win and retain his NXT Championship. His next challenger made himself known though, as Carmelo Hayes emerged from backstage and made it clear he was coming for that Title.

Waller wasted no time going after Breakker, as he charged into the door and the collision sent Breakker flying to the floor. Waller then dodged a spear but Breakker hit him with a big chop and then got him into the cage. Breakker kept the attack up but Waller would rely on his speed and evasion to keep from being hit by Breakker, and at several points, he goaded Breakker into going full speed ahead and colliding with the cage.

Waller kept taunting the Champion when he could, and then he slammed him into the cage wall and tried for a cover, but he kicked out. Waller did some pushups and then kept hitting Breakker with speed, colliding with him and sending him into the cage wall. He hit the Champ in the eyes and then threw him into the cage wall several times before slamming him down to the mat and going for a cover, but Breakker kicked out.

Waller hit Breakker with a suplex, but Breakker came back with a Frankeinsteiner into a cover, but Waller kicked out. Waller then caught Breakker in mid-air with a knee and went up top and hit a stunning elbow drop, but Breakker kicked out of the cover. Waller tied Breakker's arms in the ropes and started hitting the Champ with punches and then a mean drop kick.

Breakker hit another gear though and freed himself from the ropes, and he turned all his aggression on Waller. He picked him up and slammed him into the cage wall and then slammed him down, but Waller hit a low blow and a Stunner on Breakker. Waller went for the cover but Breakker still kicked out.

The crowd started chanting Waller sucks and Waller was not happy, heading to the top of the cage and jawing at the crowd. He then started to try to get out of the cage, but Breakker caught him and brought him down with a Superplex, Breakker yelled at Waller for a bit and Waller pushed him away, and he bounced off the ropes and speared Waller, getting the 3 count and retaining his NXT Championship.

As Breakker celebrated on the top of the cage, Carmelo Hayes and Trick Wiliams came out and locked in on Breakker, and Hayes made it clear his next goal is Breakker's NXT Championship.