WWE Clash of Champions: Street Profits Retain Titles After Controversial Finish

The Street Profits once again defended the WWE Raw Tag Team Champions against Angel Garza and Andrade at Clash of Champions on Sunday evening. The story going into this match was that Zelina Vega, who lost to Asuka earlier in the night, had abandoned Garza and Andrade heading into tonight after the drama between the group finally reached a boiling over point. Would her lack of a presence at Clash of Champions lead to Garza and Andrade finally winning the titles from the Street Profits?

In a word, nope.

Garza and Andrade worked better together than they had in some time during the match, with the announcers putting over the fact. However, Dawkins got a hot tag right after this was pointed out and became a one man wrecking machine, taking out both opponents in style. Andrade eventually hit a drop kick to seemingly change the tide, but Garza wasn't ready for a tag, and Dawkins took advantage.

Garza soon after blind-tagged into the ring and Ford was also tagged in. They went up top and Garza hit a Spanish Fly off the top for a big near fall.


The ring was cut in half as Ford was worked over by Garza and Andrade. He kicked Andrade in the head and tagged Dawkins in, who hit his pop up spinebuster and covered. Andrade clearly kicked out at two, but the referee counted three and the Street Profits were awarded the victory.

After the match, there was speculation that the referee made an audible decision to count the pinfall after what appeared to be an injury to Angel Garza.