CM Punk Responds to Ronda Rousey's Recent Comments on WWE Backstage

CM Punk returned to WWE Backstage this week and was asked to give his two cents on the recent situation surrounding Ronda Rousey. The former Raw Women's Champion angered a lot of fans and fellow wrestlers last week when she said she wouldn't be returning to the company full-time because of "ungrateful" fans, then turned around and started calling the wrestling industry "fake" again. Instead of being critical, Punk was supportive of what Rousey was doing because she was getting fans riled up again for whenever she does decide to return to the ring.

"She doing her job. I love this," Punk said. "This is pure chaos and I don't see this ending well, whether it's real or scripted, but it's going to be fun to watch. It's fantastic to watch everyone bite on it and get butthurt."

"Everyone says 'Ronda is soft' because she got knocked out twice. 'She's not a real fighter. She's not a real wrestler.' She's got them wrapped around her finger. Wrestling is best when you blur the lines. 'These two really don't like each other. She just punched her in the face.' Where I think she's going to get in trouble is when she says 'I'm real, everything else is phony,' you're not on thin ice anymore, you've fallen through the ice and you're in the water. It's going to be interesting to see how they tiptoe around that."

However a lot of the WWE Women's Division doesn't feel the same way.


"I feel like anybody can think what they want about what we do, but what we do is freaking hard," Alexa Bliss said in an interview with this week. "I understand that, and I have a lot of respect for Ronda and what she does in UFC and everything like that. She came to WWE and we were more than accommodating to her and more than willing to work with her and make sure that she had every tool to succeed because MMA and WWE are a lot different. And yeah, she came with a big fan base behind her and everything like that, but she wouldn't have been as successful if it wasn't for the women in the ring with her that were willing to work with her. She's very talented on her own as well, but it's a two person thing. No one looks good by themselves."

"And I guess the thing that kind of irked people, me especially, was the word fake," Bliss said. "I hate that word, especially because I almost wasn't cleared because of multiple concussions and my whole 365 documentary is about that. And for me if it was 'fake' I would have been 100% the whole time."

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