WWE Looking To Add CMLL Content To The WWE Network

WWE has reportedly been having discussions with one of Mexico's top lucha libre promotions in an effort to boost content on the WWE Network.

It was reported months ago that WWE and CMLL (Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre) had been having on-going discussion, with some speculating that it might be about a talent exchange. However, according to Planeta Wrestling, the talks have been concerning using the company's extensive tape library for the WWE Network, with WWE interested in purchasing the rights to access the library.

With the Network reportedly moving toward a tiered pricing structure in the near future, WWE has been expected to add content for a premium tier that would entice fans to bump-up their subscription. This has been alluded to by WWE themselves in the past, with fan surveys mentioning the possible airings of content from other independent wrestling companies.

CMLL was originally known as EMLL and is the oldest continuously operated wrestling company in the world. Prior to the company's founding, most lucha libre shows in Mexico were actually promoted by individuals from outside of the country. With the founding of EMLL by Salvador Lutteroth in 1933, the history of professional wrestling in Mexico was changed forever.

WWE co-president George Barrios recently spoke to The Verge about the WWE Network's pending change to a tiered pricing option, including the rationale for a higher priced tier.


"We think there's also an opportunity to super-serve our most passionate Network subscribers with a premium tier that'll bring together more content for them, more features for them, and also integrating some of our other non-video services like our commerce — potentially integrating something like free shipping, bringing together our digital ticketing efforts in there," Barrios said. "It becomes the one place to experience everything WWE."

In addition to the new premium tier, WWE would continue to offer the $9.99 subscription that they currently do, as well as adding a free tier that would feature content from WWE.com and some timed previews of other Network content.