WWE Confirms NXT Star's Injury and Return Timeframe

Tonight's edition of WWE NXT featured an interesting segment between Joe Gacy, Harland, and Odyssey Jones, and it mostly had to do with Jones. Jones can be seen confronting Gacy and Harland backstage, and you can see him on crutches. It was reported by Fightful that the match between Jones and Saurav last week had to be stopped because Jones suffered an injury of some kind, and in the back and forth tonight, we learned that it is a sprained knee (at least in the kayfabe world that is) and that he expects to be back in a few weeks.

He also mentioned he did it during training, but that could just be something random thrown in as opposed to the real location of the injury. Later in the episode, NXT wrote Jones off television though, so that part about a few weeks in that scene is probably true.

Later Jones was found beaten up on the floor backstage, and it was clear that Gacy and Harland took credit for it as Harland was threatening to do even more damage. This is probably a way to not just get Jones off television so he can recover but also so that when he comes back he's got a feud ready to go, and I am all for a Jones vs Harland program.

Jones has been featured on 205 Live more lately than NXT, but he bounces between both, and is one of the more promising stars of this new era, though he was around before the NXT 2.0 changeover.

Jones also wrestled some dark matches before Raw and SmackDown previously, and while it isn't guaranteed, most times that means there is at least some interest from Raw or SmackDown to bring them on. Jones vs Harland is the perfect feud to showcase both stars, and we'll have to wait and see if Jones ends up heading to the red or blue brands afterwards.

There have been a few injuries recently in WWE as King Woods, Shinsuke Nakamura, Sasha Banks, and Ridge Holland are sidelined by injuries at the moment, and we wish all of them and Jones a speedy recovery.