Drew McIntyre Retains WWE Championship Inside Elimination Chamber

Drew McIntyre successfully defeated five former WWE Champions — AJ Styles, Randy Orton, Sheamus, Jeff Hardy and Kofi Kingston to retain his WWE Championship. The bout kicked off with Orton antagonizing every wrestler who was inside a pod before turning his attention to Hardy. McIntyre came out third and attacked both men, grinding Orton's face against the chain fence before tossing Hardy like a lawn dart at Kingston's pod. Kofi was next to enter and quickly rolled up Orton for a surprise elimination.

Orton hit both Kingston and Hardy with RKOs in frustration. Styles then ordered Omos to rip the shield off the back of his pod so he could run into the ring and try to pin both men, but to no avail. Adam Pearce then ran out tossed Omos out of the arena.

Sheamus was the final man to enter, having earned the No. 6 spot by winning a gauntlet on Raw earlier this week. He and McIntyre immediately started brawling.

Sheamus, McIntyre, Styles and Hardy eventually found themselves locked in a four-man superplex/powerbomb situation, which culminated in Kingston jumping off a pod with a trust fall onto the other four men. He tried to hit Sheamus with some more offense but ran into a Brogue Kick for the elimination.


Hardy then unleashed a flurry of finishers, culminating in him hitting a Swanton Bomb on Styles. McIntyre then hit the ring with a Claymore to eliminate him.

Sheamus eventually managed to beat McIntyre to the punch and deliver a Brogue Kick mid-Claymore Kick attempt. But Styles cut him off with a Phenomenal Forearm and pinned him to narrow the field down to two. "The Phenomenal One" then attempted another forearm, but McIntyre caught him in midair with a Claymore for the win.