CM Punk and MJF's Promo From AEW Dynamite Gets Referenced on WWE Raw

The CM Punk and MJF promo from last week's AEW Dynamite was so good it's getting shout-outs from other companies. For those who missed it, the pair competed in a verbal sparring match to open last week's episode and by the end, fans were chomping at the bit to see the two fight. Punk, at one point, mentioned one of Friedman's biggest criticisms by mentioning the comparisons he often gets to The Miz, saying, "He thinks he's somebody, he thinks what he does is revolutionary to the wrestling business. When in reality, he's just a less-famous Miz."

"The A-Lister" returned to Monday Night Raw this week for the first time since competing on Dancing With The Stars and wound up confronting Edge during a promo. The "Rated-R Superstar" fired back with his own verbal barbs and even mentioned Punk's comment about Friedman (without outright namedropping him). 

"You have people on other shows saying your name just to get a cheap reaction. You live rent-free in a lot of heads," Edge said. He eventually dared Miz to fight him, only for the latter to back off and walk away with Maryse. 

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