Former WWE Champion Returns on WWE Raw, Confronts Edge

The Miz and Maryse made their surprise returns to Monday Night Raw this week and confronted Edge in the middle of his first promo after being drafted back to the Red Brand. Miz had been out of action for over a month while competing on the latest season of Dancing With The Stars, while Maryse has been sporadically appearing on WWE television for years. Miz took exception to the fact that Edge didn't mention him as an opponent he'd like to face, then complained that he didn't win on Dancing With The Stars because WWE fans "forgot" to vote. 

The two proceeded to trade verbal verbs, with Edge even mentioning CM Punk and MJF mentioning Edge on last week's AEW Dynamite and John Morrison's recent firing. The 11-time world champion then dared Miz to fight him, but the latter backed down much to the disappointment of the fans in attendance.

Miz and Maryse spoke with ComicBook back in June following The A-Lister's ACL injury. The two teased the idea of returning to WWE as a unit even back then. 

"Never say never," Maryse said. "When I came back the first time after I had my first baby, four months after I was main eventing SmackDown. So if you would've told me that when I was pregnant, I would've probably laughed, but it happens. So you never know. Maybe. I did feel like I might have one more run in me. I've been with WWE for 16 years, and it still shocks me to this day, because I still get involved in things that I think I wouldn't get involved with. So even myself, I don't even know.

"I also feel like I'm always the best when she's around, whether it's watching, or if it's being a part of the match, or doing whatever. Anytime she's around, she makes me a better performer, a better person," Miz added.

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