WWE: Goldberg Enters The Thunderdome For Smackdown

Bill Goldberg has been one of the biggest super stars in the world of professional wrestling, creating a career for himself in both the WWE and the WCW, having appeared in a number of matches in recent years, and it seems that he has his eyes set on the Universal Championship as he confirms that he'll be a part of Thunderdome during the next Smackdown! With the Universal Title being decided by a match between the current champion Roman Reigns and the challenger in Braun Strowman, it will be interesting to see how Goldberg will play a role in the match.

Recently, Roman Reigns has had his eyes set on his Jey Uso, a member of his family who also happens to be a wrestler himself, with the two coming to blows at a recent pay-per-view event. With Reigns believing that he wasn't shown the respect he felt he deserved, he beat down his family member and was stopped by Jimmy Uso when the towel had been thrown. With the family members planning to have a re-match during the upcoming Hell In A Cell, we have to wonder if Reigns won't be wearing the belt at that time, potentially losing it to either Strowman or Goldberg before hand!

Goldberg himself confirmed that he would be appearing at WWE Friday Night Smackdown via his Official Instagram Account, stating that his interest in the Universal Championship Match between Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman is most definitely topping the charts:

While Goldberg's interest in the match is yet to be revealed, it could potentially be in order to get revenge on Braun Strowman, as the two clashed during this year's Wrestlemania wherein Braun was able to take the belt from Goldberg, but subsequently lose it as 2020 continued.

What do you think Goldberg has in store for WWE Smackdown? Do you see the Universal Championship Belt changing hands prior to Hell In A Cell? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of professional wrestling!