WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett Launches New Podcast

WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrettis launching a new podcast! Inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame back in 2018, Jarrett has been one of the most notable figures in wrestling history for many reasons. Now fans will be given an inside look into Jarrett's career as not only an in-ring performer, but his time as a promoter and owner. Joining Conrad Thompson's line of professional wrestling podcasts (that includes the likes of "Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard"), Jarrett's new show will be known as "My World With Jeff Jarrett" and will be kicking off on May 4th at adfreeshows.com and podcast streaming libraries.

"My World With Jeff Jarrett" is officially described as such in the press release announcing the new podcast, "The show will take listeners on a journey not only through Jarrett’s Hall of Fame career as an in-ring performer but also his time as a promoter and company owner. Along with co-host Thompson, wrestling’s self-proclaimed 'King of the Mountain' will look back at the Jarrett family history in the sports entertainment business that dates to 1946, his personal accomplishments, and his forays into company ownership with the creation of NWA Total Nonstop Action (now known as Impact Wrestling) and Global Force Wrestling."

Jeff Jarrett WWE
(Photo: WWE)

Thompson said the following about the new podcast together with Jarrett, "For years I've been asked, 'If I could do a podcast with anyone in wrestling today, who would it be' And I've always been consistent that one of those names is Jeff Jarrett,” Thompson began. “If Jarrett's life was a movie script, nobody would believe it. I can't wait to dive into Jeff's story and hear directly from one of the most accomplished and controversial people to ever be in the wrestling business. 'My World' is going to be a can't miss podcast."

As for what Jarrett has to say about the new podcast, the Hall of Famer is excited to get started and share his stories with fans, "The King of the Mountain and the Podfather finally coming together,” Jarrett said. “I’ve been aware of Conrad for quite some time now, and he’s obviously a skilled interviewer with great passion for the wrestling business. He not only does his homework but asks the questions the fans really want to know the most. I can’t wait to get started on May 4th."

What do you think? Excited to check out "My World With Jeff Jarett" this May? Let us know all of your thoughts in the comments!