Heath Slater Makes Emotional Return to WWE Raw

As had been reported earlier in the day, Heath Slater made his return to WWE television on this week's Monday Night Raw nearly three full months after he was one of the 30+ wrestlers released back on April 15. Raw kicked off with Dolph Ziggler accusing Drew McIntyre of stabbing people in the back and leaving people behind throughout his career, prompting him to bring Slater out the ring. Slater said he was there for McIntyre when he was released back in 2014, but that McIntyre couldn't do the same for him in April. He then brought up his kids and the "I Need This Job" gimmick he had back in 2016, before mentioning how their last conversation took place on The Bump.

Slater reminded McIntyre that he promised him an opportunity, and now he was here to collect. After Slater slapped McIntyre across the face, the champ accepted the match.

Unfortunately, that match turned into a squash, as McIntyre flattened Slater with a Claymore while both men were in street clothes.

Ziggler got in Slater's face after the match, leading to a brawl. McIntyre made the save, then helped Slater back to his feet before the two embraced.


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