WWE Hell In A Cell 2020: Rumoured Main Event Is Bayley Vs Sasha Banks

The feud between Sasha Banks and Bayley has been one of the biggest things that are currently happening in the roster of WWE's Women's Division, with Banks recently taking the opportunity to unleash a surprise attack against her former best friend and it seems as if this rivalry will be the main event of World Wrestling Entertainment's next big pay-per-view event. The showdown between Sasha and Bayley has been building for quite some time, with their friendship lasting for far longer, making the "break up" that much more heated when it took place recently!

Sasha and Bayley once held the Women's Championship Belts for Raw and Smackdown, but when Bayley decided to propel herself, she attacked Banks and the rivalry was forged. It's clear that this brawl is one of the biggest anticipated things currently taking place within the WWE as it stands, and this was reinforced during the recent Clash of Champions. When Bayley opened her belt to any challenger, the powerhouse of Asuka made her way to the ring, with the two heavy hitters fighting in the squared circle. Luckily for Bayley, she was able to disqualify herself and thus retain the title, but not before Banks headed into the ring to blindside her.

Twitter Outlet WrestleVotes shared the rumor that the next Hell In A Cell, taking place this October, will feature the smackdown between Sasha Banks and Bayley as the main event, with the pay-per-view seemingly giving us a match that many fans have been waiting for with spectacular fashion:

Bayley has been far different from the first appearances she made within World Wrestling Entertainment, originally hitting the scene with a personality that was far more like John Cena than what she's known for today. Over time, her character "turned heel" and thus started a new tenure that resulted in her championship run. We would imagine that there will be no better time for Sasha to claim a championship belt once again and with the main event most likely taking place within a steel cage match, it will be one to watch!

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