John Cena Breaks Down How He Designed the WWE Championship Spinner Belt

Depending on who you ask, the "Spinner Belt" version of the WWE Championship is either an iconic representation of John Cena's main event era or the worst design WWE has ever used on a championship. During the latest episode of WWE Untold, the documentary series recapped when Edge had the title (partially) redesigned during his feud with Cena back in 2006. Cena was asked about the design and openly admitted that most people hated it.

The 16-time world champion then went into detail about how much attention he put into the design of the championship that stuck around in WWE from 2005 to 2013 (and was officially retired by The Rock).

"How I was about the spinner championship belt. I was much more involved and meticulous about the design — where the diamonds should be, the size of the diamonds, the shape of the spinner, the size of the diamonds on the inside of the spinner, where the colored gems should be, the difference in metal, what the leather should feel like," Cena said. "I was so much more into that."

The video immediately cut to Edge, who tore the design apart.

"I hated the spinner belts," Edge said, referencing when Cena also redesigned the United States Championship. "Despised them."

Cena and Edge traded the title back and forth throughout 2006, starting with Edge cashing in the Money in the Bank contract in January and culminating in Cena defeating "The Rated-R Superstar" in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match at Unforgiven.

When WWE said they were going to change the design for his reign, he got to work on a new belt design (which resembles the classic Intercontinental Championship). They instead told him that they were simply going to swap in his logo.


"I'm like, 'That's it? Cuz Edge wouldn't want a spinner belt," he said. "That to me is the one championship that needs to look like a championship. Not like somebody's hubcaps."

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