Watch: WWE Releases John Cena's NWO Entrance Video

One of the strangest moments of the Firefly Fun House Match (and there were plenty) at WrestleMania 36 on Sunday night was when Bray Wyatt recreated a classic Eric Bischoff promo from WCW Monday Nitro back in 1997. The segment saw John Cena come out to a full New World Order entrance, complete with the classic black t-shirt and the WCW World Heavyweight Championship belt with the NWO letters spray-painted across the front. The surreal scene eventually broke down when Cena regained control and started attacking Wyatt, but fans couldn't get enough of seeing the 16-time world champion channel his inner Hollywood Hogan.

On Wednesday WWE took things a step further by uploading an NWO-themed entrance video for Cena. Check it out below:

The match eventually culminated in Wyatt hitting Cena with the Mandible Claw and Sister Abigail. After "The Fiend" scored the pin, Cena inexplicably disappeared.

On Wednesday morning Cena popped up on Twitter, hinting at that match being his last (at least of a while).

WWE uploaded, then deleted, a bizarre promo last Friday before Friday Night SmackDown that saw Cena hint at a possible heel turn while he dismissed Wyatt as a threat. Given how all of The Fiend's past opponents have changed after facing him, this could open the door for Cena to do the same.


"I'm not paying it [Wyatt's mind games too much attention," Cena said. "I don't know if you heard what I said on SmackDown a few weeks ago I know The Fiend operates off of fear, but I also know The Fiend is, Bray Wyatt is, Husky Harris in a mask," Cena said, sounding incredibly dismissive of Wyatt's gimmick. "I'm not afraid of The Fiend, and I'm not afraid to say I'm not afraid of The Fiend. The Fiend has been able manipulate his way through the WWE Universe and establish a presence by creating panic. And panic equals fear and fear equals our collapse."

"Honestly I'm kind of fed up with situations of people who think they are entitled to get chance after chance after chance to succeed," Cena said. "I'm sick of hearing a certain group of WWE superstars walk around and say 'I deserve this' or 'I deserve that', and maybe Bray's the first name on that list. I don't know. I said I was going to sit back and let the future play its course and the right person issued the right challenge at the right time, and i don't feel bad about saying what's going to happen, because I firmly believe it's gotta be this way. I trust in my own ability. I've been on the WrestleMania stage before. I know this is a bit of a different WrestleMania but if there's anyone prepared for a challenge like this it's certainly me."