WWE's Johnny Gargano Worries Brock Lesnar Might Hunt and Eat Him

Johnny Gargano's been making waves since he returned to WWE and debuted on Monday Night Raw, and recently another big WWE star made their return as well. That would be The Beast Brock Lesnar, who returned to Raw and confronted Bobby Lashley, and it didn't take long for the two to be booked for a match at Crown Jewel. Gargano was recently asked about Lesnar on WWE's Locker Room Dirt, and that's when he revealed that if the two were stranded on a deserted island, he fears Lesnar would hunt him down and eat him, comparing Lesnar to a T-Rex.

"Maybe Brock Lesnar? Because I feel like, if we were stuck on a desert island, a couple days into it, he'd like hunt me down and find me, and destroy me, and eat me," Gargano said. "And there's nothing I could do about it, because he's the alpha male of our species...It'd be like being stuck on an island with a Tyrannosaurus Rex, if I was with Brock. So I'm gonna go Brock on that one."

You can't blame him, as a T-Rex is a pretty apt comparison for Lesnar. The good news is that a match in the ring would hopefully happen before both stars would end up stuck on an island with no way of leaving.

In a backstage promo on Raw, Gargano revealed what he was feeling in the lead-up to his return to WWE, and he was a nervous wreck. As for why he returned, he made it clear he has WWE Championships and WrestleMania in his sights.

"I said that I came back for a lot of different reasons, but first of all, I wanted to be Intercontinental Champion, United States champion, WWE Champion. I want to wrestle at WrestleMania, and there's only one place you can do that, and that's here in WWE," Gargano said. "That's why I came back, that's why I am beyond proud to be here. I'm just a ball of energy because I just went out there for the first one. Literally, I've been sitting at home doing nothing for nine months. Just diapers, and you know diapers, there's no good diapers, I promise. But yeah, I'm so over the moon, I'm so excited. I'm really excited honestly now to go back home and see my baby. I think he was watching. He might be sleeping. He got a chant tonight. There was a 'Baby Wrestling' chant in a WWE ring. Yeah, score one for him! He's gonna appreciate it when he gets older. I'm gonna be like, 'Hey, watch this tape. Watch this VHS.'"

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H/T Cageside Seats