Jon Moxley Supports Roman Reigns' Alliance With Paul Heyman

Roman Reigns' heel turn, alliance with Paul Heyman and latest run as WWE Universal Champion has been the talk of the WWE for the past month. And while some have chastised Reigns for aligning with Heyman (with Kofi Kingston going so far as to call him a "parasite"), Reigns' former Shield brother Jon Moxley apparently loves the idea. The man formerly known as Dean Ambrose praised the idea in a recent interview with The Sun, stating, "The concept of him and Paul Heyman — that was very cool to me. I think that's gonna work out really good.

"All my friends there (WWE) I wanna turn the TV on and I wanna see them kicking ass and doing great," he added.

While in WWE, Ambrose briefly crossed paths with Heyman when he called out Brock Lesar to a match at WrestleMania 32. He wound up losing a match many founds to be underwhelming, and in the years that followed both men have have blamed the opposing side for the letdown.

Heyman recently gave an interview with Sports Illustrated where he explained how his working relationship with Reigns differs from being Lesnar's "advocate."

With Brock Lesnar, I began by advocating for the next big thing, an NCAA Division I champion," Heyman said. "We were tied together at the hip on his way to the top. That's not what this is. Roman Reigns has been established as the top act for eight years, and I was the one thrown out into the ocean of obscurity. Roman Reigns rescued me.

"We're not navigating his trajectory to the top," he continued. "Our entire focus is keeping him fresh, relevant and reinvigorated, and making that presentation seamless. That is exhilarating, even for someone who had a career in wrestling that dates back to being a photographer as a kid in Vince McMahon Sr.'s Madison Square Garden locker room."

He then addressed how Lesnar feels about the partnership.


"Brock Lesnar is very aware that I am working with Roman Reigns," Heyman says. "There shouldn't be any confusion here. Brock Lesnar legitimately does whatever Brock Lesnar wants to do. There is no shortage of box-office appeal in the name Brock Lesnar. If and when Brock Lesnar wants to capitalize on that box office appeal, his name will be ringing from the headlines the moment he decides to return to the ring."

Moxley will headline this week's AEW Dynamite, teaming with Will Hobbs and Darby Allin to face Lance Archer, Brian Cage and Ricky Stars.