NXT's Karrion Kross and Scarlett Love Being Compared to Supervillains

This week's NXT saw Karrion Kross and Damian Priest once again brawl around the Capitol Wrestling [...]

This week's NXT saw Karrion Kross and Damian Priest once again brawl around the Capitol Wrestling Center. This time the brawl ended with Kross trying suplex Priest off some equipment near the ring, only for Priest to fall on top of him as the pair went through a set of tables. Scarlett seemed to enjoy the violence as she sat near the wreckage, and one fan on Twitter noticed that, from the way the sequence was shot, Kross was "drawing power" from her as he regained consciousness

"IDK if this is a thing they are doing. But sometimes its like @WWEKarrionKross draws power from @Lady_Scarlett13 Like she makes him stronger, to feel less pain," the fan wrote. "Like a Super Villain drawing power from the sun. #WWENXT."

Kross and Scarlett both reacted to the idea.

In an interview with ComicBook back in July, Kross broke down the different inspirations for his persona, citing Clive Barker and various X-Men characters.

"We're really into Magneto from X-Men," Kross said. "We're talking comics now. Magneto is not super child-friendly and is not meant to be, but then perhaps maybe some rings will go in the direction of Wolverine. Wolverine throughout the X-Men films was pretty child-friendly, perhaps not Old Man Logan, but we do our best to change gears, to keep things interesting."

"We stay in the lane of what we know people are enjoying and seeing, but we're ready to change into the other gears of what people are doing," he later added. "When we put these characters together, Scarlett and I, we were discussing presentations, a lot of the things that we were interested in attempting to bring to life were inspirations from film, television, comics, novels, and theatrical plays too, as both of us love theater. Repo! The Genetic Opera was a huge inspiration for a lot of stuff we did. and obviously, Hellraiser, if you can get those vibes, Clive Barker is a genius."

Kross and Priest will clash at NXT's New Year's Evil special next Wednesday.