WWE's Mandy Rose Becomes Undisputed NXT Women's Champion at Worlds Collide

WWE NXT Worlds Collide was stacked from beginning to end with Title matches, and after a thrilling match between NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes and SmackDown superstar Ricochet as well as a battle of survival for the NXT Tag Team Championships, it was time for the Triple Threat match that would decide the new NXT Women's Champion. The match was between NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose, NXT UK Women's Champion Meiko Satomura, and Blair Davenport, and you could make an argument for all three women winning. At one point or another, it appeared that any of the three were on the verge of taking the Titles, but then Satomura knocked Davenport out and Rose took advantage, connecting with her finisher on Satomura and pinning Davenport to become the new Unified NXT Women's Champion.

Davenport and Rose teamed up on Satomura but she came back with strikes until the numbers game won out again. They then threw her against the ropes and clotheslined her, and then they slammed her down but fought over the pin attempt that she kicked out of anyway. Satomura then tried to pin Davenport and Roese then tried to pin her but all kicked out. Rose hit a dropkick on Satomura and then Davenport followed suit, dragging the UK Champion out to the floor and slamming her onto it.

Rose invited Davenport into the ring with a taunt and she obliged, and Rose threw her down when she charged in. Rose went to lift her but Davenport rolled through into a pin attempt but she kicked out. Davenport threw a punch and then hit a dropkick on Rose before going for a cover, but she kicked out. They traded strikes but then Rose caught Davenport and hit a Fallaway Slam. Rose then speared Davenport in the corner and went for another move but Satomura pulled her out of the ring and threw her to the floor. Then she knocked Davenport's legs out from under her and pulled her to the floor and hit three kicks to the chest against the steel steps.

Rose slammed Satomura into the ring apron and then went for Davenport, but she slammed Rose into the steps and then attacked the back of Rose, leaving the Champion in some pain. Davenport and Satomura were back in the ring and exchanging strikes but Satomura hit a slick combo and went for the cover, but Davenport kicked out. Satomura then went for the submission hold but Davenport countered and transitioning into a pin attempt but the UK Champion kicked out.

Davenport hit a big boot to the face but Rose then intervened and pulled her from the top rope. Rose then got in the ring with Satomura, and they exchanged punches until Rose dropped Satomura with a shoulder tackle. Then they exchanged more punches but Satomura was on a role, connecting with big punches and kicks before going for a cover but Rose kicked out.

Then all three ended up exchanging moves from the top rope and Satomura went for the pin but Rose broke it up. Satomura hit a big kick to the side of Satomura's head but she went on a tear, charging foreword with big forearms to the head of both Davenport and Rose. Kicks followed but Davenport dodged one and started to lift Satomura with Rose, but she countered and landed a Double DDT. Satomura then collided with Rose. Davenport grabbed control and knocked Rose back and went for the pin on Satomura, but she kicked out.

Rose hit a dropkick to Davenport and then delivered bit strikes and kicks in the corner. Davenport came back with a Back Elbow and then she hit a dropkick to Satomura, and then Rose went for an attack but Davenport countered, though Rose would counter her next move and then Satomura hit a Scorpio Rising on Davenport to break up a pin. Satomura then was going to go for a cover but Rose hit the Kiss By A Rose and covered Davenport, pinning her and becoming the Unified NXT Women's Champion.

You can find the full card and updated results for Worlds Collide below.

Champion vs Champion NXT and NXT UK Championship Title Unification Match: Bron Breakker vs Tyler Bate

Triple Threat NXT and NXT UK Women's Championship Title Unification Match: Mandy Rose def. Meiko Satomura vs Blair Davenport

Fatal 4-Way Elimination Tag Team Championship Unification Match: Pretty Deadly (C) def. Creed Brothers vs Briggs and Jensen (C) vs Gallus

NXT Women's Tag Team Championship: Katana Chance & Kayden Carter vs Nikki A.S.H. and Doudrop

NXT North American Championship Match: Carmelo Hayes (C) def. Ricochet


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