Watch: Tommaso Ciampa Returns, Turns Heel With Malicious Attack on Jake Atlas

When Tommaso Ciampa returned from injury back in October 2019, the former NXT Champion had shed his sadistic heelish tendencies and quickly established himself as a fan-favorite. However Ciampa repeatedly came up short in winning back the NXT Championship (a title he was stripped of due to injury), and at NXT TakeOver: In Your House he was violently defeated by Karrion Kross. Ciampa made his return to action on this week's NXT, and quickly proved he was back to being a heel.

He quickly defeated Jake Atlas, then crushed his throat by slingshotting him under the ring. As medical trainers try to place him on a stretcher, Ciampa grabbed Atlas again and hit him with an elevated DDT with his feet hanging off the stretcher.

Ciampa smirked as he made his way back to his feet next to the unconscious Atlas.


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