WWE NXT UK Championship Belt Reportedly Stolen In Chicago

WWE NXT UK Champion WALTER was reportedly the victim of a major theft this weekend, resulting in the loss of arguably the WWE's best looking championship belt as well as a major personal item.

According to a report from Mike Johnson at PWInsider, a rental car that WALTER was using was the victim of a "smash and grab" theft in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood which resulted in the WWE NXT UK Championship belt being stolen, as well as WALTER's personal passport.

A smash and grab theft is where a window of the vehicle is smashed in and the perpetrator quickly grabs whatever they can out of the vehicle before fleeing.

WWE has not yet released a statement on the manner.

WALTER is in town for the EVOLVE 142 event to take on EVOLVE Champion Josh Briggs. This is part of the working relationship that WWE and EVOLVE have which has often resulted in WWE stars being used on the shows. The event was being held at the Logan Square Auditorium.


There has been a recent string of thefts in the Logan Square area. WALTER wasn't the only victim this weekend either as it was also reported that EVOLVE's Timothy Thatcher was also the victim of a rental car break-in, resulting in the loss of personal items.

ComicBook.com will have more on this situation as it develops.