WWE NXT's Velveteen Dream Wins Final Spot in TakeOver North American Title Ladder Match

The second of the qualifying matches for the TakeOver XXX's North American Championship Ladder Match featured Finn Balor taking on Velveteen Dream, and it more than delivered. Balor was off to a hot start after some dancing around, slamming Dream to the mat several times and locking in a headlock. Dream would attempt to get Balor's shoulders down, and then the two evaded each other's attacks until Dream left the ring in frustration. By the end of the match though, it was Dream left standing, earning a title shot at TakeOver.

Eventually, Dream would get a few shots in on Balor, leaving him hurting outside the ring. He would throw him in the ring once more to capitalize, but after taking some hits Balor would dish out some punishment of his own and lock in another hold.

Balor would focus on Dream's leg with both holds and kicks, and at one point kicked out Dream's leg out from under him, sending hard to the floor. Dream would dish out an all-around offensive attack, but let his ego get the better of him.

A taunt to Balor's face would backfire, letting Balor get an attack in and turn things around. Dream would counter by diving with Balor's neck over the ropes, causing the ropes to hit him in the neck, but that's when Cameron Grimes came out and started talking to Dream.

Grimes would continue to pick at Balor and Dream during the match, and at one point picked up the North American Title and sat with it on top of the ladder. Dream would then try to set up his finisher but Balor was able to counter, and after several reversals, Balor got the better of the exchange.

He would dropkick Dream into the corner, and then he would focus on Grimes a bit too long, giving Dream the chance. to dish out a super plex to Balor.

At this point, Gargano came out and pushed over the ladder, sending Grimes sailing into the ring. Balor would hit him hard, followed by Dream dishing out a famouser. Balor would then hit Dream but Dream countered, while Gargano picked up the title.

Bronson Reed then came out and cornered Gargano, who then backed into Damian Priest. Everyone was in the ring now, and Reed sent Gargano out, while Dream sent Priest out, followed by Reed. Balor capitalized and sent Dream out of the ring, but was ambushed by Timothy Thatcher, who sent Balor right into Dream for a suplex. Dream then got up on the top rope and landed right on Balor, pinning him and getting the win.

You can find the official description for tonight's NXT below.

"It's the final stop before NXT TakeOver XXX! Adam Cole and Pat McAfee will meet face-to-face just days ahead of their highly anticipated showdown, the final two spots in the North American Title Ladder Match will be decided with matches between Finn Bálor and Velveteen Dream and Johnny Gargano and Ridge Holland, plus Isaiah "Swerve" Scott teams with Breezango to face Legado del Fantasma in Six-Man Tag action, and more!"

Here's what's on deck:

Johnny Gargano vs Ridge Holland (North American Title Shot)

Finn Balor vs Velveteen Dream (North American Title Shot)

Rhea Ripley and Shotzi Blackheart vs Mercedes Martinez and Aliyah

Swerve and Breezango vs Legado del Fantasma


Adam Cole face to face with Pat McAfee

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