WWE's Oro Mensah Wins Spot in NXT North American Title Ladder Match at Halloween Havoc

Tonight's episode of WWE NXT started with the shocking news that Solo Sikoa would need to vacate the NXT North American Championship after he was notified that he wasn't offically part of the NXT roster and thus did not qualify for the match that awarded him the Title in the first place. Hayes would then want the Title back but he was informed that would not be happening until Halloween Havoc, where a tournament will be held to decide the new Champion. Tonight the first Qualifying Match took place between Oro Mensah and Grayson Waller, and with a little distraction from Apollo Crews, Mensah earned his slot in the match and will be joined by three other stars.

Waller hit first with a strike and then hit Oro with a clothesline. Oro went to escape a wrist-lock but Waller knocked him back down to the mat and then reversed another counter attempt by pulling Oro's hair to the mat. He did it again but then Oro locked in a hold of his own and went to work on Waller's shoulder and then landed an impressive aerial maneuver before doing some taunting.

More kicks and punches followed and Oro was in control. Oro connected with chops and then went for a kick but Waller picked him up and brought him down with a Belly to Back Suplex. Waller connected with knees to the back and then went for a cover, but Oro kicked out.

Waller stomped on Oro and then put pressure on his face and neck, but Oro fought back until a move was countered, allowing Waller to hit with big strikes and forearms. Waller locked in the arms of Oro and hit Elbow Strikes to the side of the head and neck into a cover, but Oro kicked out.

Waller kept talking trash but Oro hit some Elbow Strikes and then more strikes to the face, and then he brought Waller down with tackles and an impressive off-the-ropes maneuver. He tried to pick Waller up but Waller broke it up, though Oro hit a big kick to the side of the head. Waller brought Oro down on the top rope and then ran back in, but Apollo Crews was standing in front of him and was bleeding from his bloodshot eye.

Oro capitalized and hit a Spinning Heel Kick and went for the cover, and he would take the match. Oro now joins Carmelo Hayes in that Ladder Match that will decide the NXT North American Championship at Halloween Havoc.

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