Wrestling Fans Shocked by WWE Hiring Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff

Massive WWE news broke out this morning via Sports Illustrated — WWE is hiring Paul Heyman and [...]

Massive WWE news broke out this morning via Sports Illustrated — WWE is hiring Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff to serve as executive directors of Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live, respectively. This means the creative mind behind ECW and the early days of SmackDown will be in charge of Raw's creative in the near future, and the mind behind some of WCW's most successful Attitude Era angles will be running the Blue Brand just in time for it to make the jump to network television on FOX.

"In their executive roles, Heyman and Bischoff will oversee the creative development of WWE's flagship programming and ensure integration across all platforms and lines of business," WWE wrote in a press release shortly after the news broke. "The creation of these roles further establishes WWE's ability to continuously reinvent its global brand while providing two distinct creative processes for its flagship shows."

Based on their reactions on Twitter, wrestling writers and fans alike were utterly delighted by the news.

"Freaking LOVE THIS!" ComicBook's Matt Aguilar tweeted. "Both of these guys know the business in and out & both have shown they know how to tell compelling stories. If they're allowed to actually make impactful decisions about the brands, this could be something great, especially Bischoff & #SmackDownLive"

"WHAT?! Eric Bischoff is running #SDLive, Paul Heyman is running #RAW! WOW," Twitter user @HEELBuddy wrote.

"Wow. Huge news. If Vince allows Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff to do their jobs and use their ideas, the shows can improve," Paolo Esparza wrote. "Although I see Eric Bischoff more of a fit on Raw and Paul Heyman to Smackdown but that's just me."

A few Twitter users were a bit more cautious about the news, including ComicBook's own Ryan Droste.

"Paul Heyman running Raw means absolutely nothing if Vince still micromanages everything and rewrites the shows himself last second. If he doesn't do that(and i'll believe it when it happens) that could be good news. Eric Bischoff running smackdown though.... Thats a yikes," @Morselmouth wrote.

No word yet on when WWE's new hirings will take effect