WWE Performance Center Announces Latest Recruitment Class, Includes Former EVOLVE and CZW Stars

The WWE Performance Center announced its latest signing class on Wednesday, which is loaded up with stars from the EVOLVE promotion. The group includes Brandi Pawelek (Brandi Lauren), Camro Rogers (Curt Stallion), Dartanyon Ruffin (Leon Ruff), Joseph Ruby (Joe Gacy) and Joshua Briggs. Other signees include Athony Greene, Jacob Kasper and Jake Clemons. Fans of NXT will likely recognize Lauren, as she's been popping up as an extra (most notably in the hot tub with Damian Priest at NXT TakeOver XXX) multiple times.

"Brandi Pawelek, known on the independents as Brandi Lauren, is an exciting competitor who has stepped in the ring for promotions like EVOLVE and SHINE," the announcement read. You can see the full rundown of every new signee below, and let us know which signee you're most excited to see down in the comments!

The 2020 WWE Draft will begin later this week on Friday Night SmackDown, followed up on next week's edition of Monday Night Raw. It's still unclear whether or not NXT will be involved, as Triple H was unable to give an answer during a media conference call on Sunday night.

"When I say 'not knowing what is happening in the Draft' right now, my not knowing probably means, more than likely I would imagine, and just going off of what we've seen with commercials and everything, that we won't be," he said. "Now, that can always change this week. But a lot of talent have come up from the Performance Center... from NXT to Raw, to SmackDown over the last 12 months, I want to say the numbers, well it's in the high teens over the last 12 months. So there's been a lot of movement and a lot of activity. I'm always for what is best for talent.

"So when the conversations are had, we try to have as much advance notice for when talent is coming in or going out, that we can plan for it appropriately both on the exit and the entrance — for all sides," he continued. "But sometimes that can't happen, and sometimes it's short notice. For the most part though, we have a fair amount of advanced notice, and we have time to be able to move on stuff... No matter how it goes, we'll be ready to make it work."