Randy Orton Offers Christian an Unsanctioned Match on WWE Raw

This week's Monday Night Raw opened with Randy Orton gloating over his victory against Edge from the Backlash pay-per-view. "The Viper" claimed he was now the "Greatest Wrestler Ever," since he had just won the "Greatest Match Ever," then joked that he'd be willing to fight Edge again if he manages to make another comeback in nine years. He was then interrupted by Christian, who said Orton didn't get to write the end of Edge's story and that "The Rated-R Superstar would be back soon.

Orton was taken aback by Christian, saying that he had no place in this story. He then said he could see it in Christian's eyes that he wanted to make a comeback just like his best friend, since he too had his career taken away due to injury. He mentioned that Christian wasn't medically cleared to compete, but then offered a challenge — an Unsanctioned Match tonight on Raw. He gave Christian until the end of the night to make a decision.

Later in the night, after a backstage conversation with Big Show, Christian accepted the challenge.

He then had a backstage conversation with Ric Flair, who urged him not to take part in the match. "Captain Charisma" declined.

Ironically, Christian did the exact same thing Edge did in repeatedly denying the possibility of an in-ring return in interviews leading up to Monday's match.


"It's one of those things, right? It's a completely different injury," he told Booker T back in April. "I'm pretty content with all that I've accomplished in WWE. I pretty much accomplished everything I ever wanted to do except main event WrestleMania, and let's be honest, how many people actually get a chance to do that? I'm forty-six years old and I had some concussion issues.

"It's just a matter of, I don't see it happening. I'm medically disqualified. Not sure how I would ever get cleared," he added.