Latest Reports on Two WWE Raw Stars Undergoing Character Changes

 WWE's Monday Night Raw is officially getting a shake-up with next week's Season Premiere episode, which will see the updated roster following the 2021 WWE Draft. But on top of those changes, it sounds like a few wrestlers will be getting alterations to their onscreen characters. Karrion Kross, who has already undergone a number of changes since first arriving on Raw, will reportedly see his character tweaked once again according to WrestleVotes. 

"Source states WWE is shifting Karrion Kross' character once again. Plan is for him to be more of a 'psycho' yet still 'calm & cool.' As of now the helmet stays, but for whatever reason, still no Scarlett. Presentation of entrance including theme music set to change as well," the insider account wrote this week. Scarlett, Kross' real-life fiancee, has been inexplicably absent from WWE TV despite being a part of Kross' presentation throughout his time in NXT. Kross gave an update on her status last week while on Table Talk, saying (h/t Wrestling Inc.), "This is what I can say without being deliberately cryptic. We are waiting for something to finish taking its course," Kross said. "She's very good, and she's been training like a maniac, like she always does. You can expect to see her any time or any place."

Meanwhile, Alexa Bliss has not been seen on WWE TV since her loss to Charlotte Flair at Extreme Rules. She's been on the shelf due to a planned sinus surgery, but there's been speculation that she would also be ditching her supernatural persona upon her return. Bliss played into that speculation this week with a gif of herself reverting back into her pig-tailed persona. 

"I've been saying the last few weeks that this has been the most creative storyline I've ever been in and the most fun, because there are no real restrictions right now as to what we can do. And between me, Bray and Randy, just throwing out all these ideas, it's like nothing is off-limits and that's what's so fun about it," Bliss told ComicBook ahead of the WrestleMania 37 match between Randy Orton and "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt. "And I love portraying characters and I love doing stuff that's out of the box, and completely different."

"And the fact that a year ago, if you told me I'd be swinging on a swing set, threatening Randy Orton, I wouldn't believe you. Or even having a match with Randy Orton, I wouldn't believe you, but it's been so fun and I'm just so happy with how it's turning out because we don't know. It's been a week-by-week thing. We're just adding things, taking away things, trying new things, and I just like where it's going," she continued.