Drew McIntyre Defeats The Big Show in Surprise WWE Championship Match After WrestleMania 36

This week's Monday Night Raw closed out with a special pre-taped segment from right after this weekend's WrestleMania event, in which Drew McIntyre found himself in an impromptu WWE Championship match with The Big Show just 20 minutes after beating "The Beast" Brock Lesnar for the title. The segment started with McIntyre celebrating his victory, only for his promo to be interrupted by Show with a referee in tow. The big man tried to goad McIntyre into a match, but the champ said there was nothing he could say to make him fight. Show slapped McIntyre across the face, and the two were off the races with the WWE Championship on the line.

Show gradually wore down McIntyre with power moves, but the champ managed to avoid the chokeslam and hit Show with a Body Slam. McIntyre dived off the top rope, ran right into a chokeslam but managed to kick out at two.


The six-time former world champion geared up for his WMD finisher, but McIntyre ducked, hit the ropes and nailed a Claymore kick for the win.

The show went off the air as McIntyre celebrated with the title.

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