Watch: Drew McIntyre Taunts Randy Orton, Gets Punted Twice in the Skull on WWE Raw

Drew McIntyre opened Monday Night Raw this week by celebrating his successful WWE Championship defense against Randy Orton on Sunday night. The champ poked fun at how Orton claimed to be the greatest wrestler of all time yet was beaten with a simple wrestling move, which means that distinction now belongs to him. He mentioned that Orton will likely want another shot at the title, and said he'll gladly accept and give him the Claymore Kick he never got to give in their first match. Orton quickly attacked, leading to the two brawling backstage.

"The Viper" decided to nail McIntyre with not one, but two Punt Kicks, leaving McIntyre crumpled up against a wall at Gorilla Position. McIntyre was shown after the commercial break back on his feet.

In an interview with ComicBook earlier in the day, McIntyre talked about how he succeeded in stepping his game up for his first successful defense against "The Legend Killer."

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The #Viper strikes on @dmcintyrewwe! Has @randyorton just taken out the #WWEChampion? #WWERaw

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"There was a big buzz around the whole situation and I personally felt like, 'If I'm able to win this one, it really cements me as the top of the card, especially beating Randy Orton at the level he's at right now.' And with all the buzz around it, I feel like we probably didn't have to do too much it'd still feel like a big deal, just because of the build and the nature of the situation," McIntyre said.

"But we went all out in there," he continued. "There was no holding back. This is a different Randy Orton, he's going to go all out the promos, he's going all out in the ring. Randy Orton has never been thrown around like that very many times, but he's not brought that kind of physicality too many times, I think, either. He busted me open all over the place, he busted himself open, headbutted me, we're both bleeding, we're both sore. But I think it delivered not just the match quality wise, that people really enjoyed and were proud of, but the story is the biggest thing. As far as he's concerned, as far as I'm concerned, it's about that story, and I'm really proud of the story we told, even if we beat the crap out of each other."