Man Arrested During WWE Raw for Filming People Urinating In a Bathroom

A man was arrested in Knoxville on Monday during this week's episode of Monday Night Raw when he was caught allegedly filming a Snapchat video of several individuals, including a police officer, urinating in one of the bathrooms at the Thompson-Boling Arena. According to CBS affiliate WVLT, Tyler Bolinger, 25, was charged on Wednesday with disseminating unlawful photographs and public intoxication.

The arresting officer stated that a man and his son approached him and pointed out Bolinger for allegedly filming people.

"The officer's report stated that they found an image that had the officer's uniform displayed. 'As he was showing us his phone, Mr. Bolinger then closed the phone saying there was nothing there,'" the outlet reported.

Bolinger later admitted to recording videos of at lest two people urinating, including the officer, and had consumed between five and six alcoholic beverages. Bolinger could face one to six years in prison because of the taping charge due to it being a Class E felony.

This week's Raw featured the surprise return of Glenn Jacobs (better known as Kane), the current mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. Jacobs won the 24/7 Championship early on in the show by pinning R-Truth inside of Neyland Stadium, then dropped it back to Truth when he arrived at the arena. He then appeared in the ring in his full wrestling gear at the end of the show to chase away The O.C. faction, only to get attacked by "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt and knocked out via the Mandible Claw.