WWE Raw Star Finally Gets His First Name Back, Then Drops an F-Bomb

This week's Monday Night Raw featured a split-screen interview with Riddle and Seth Rollins ahead of their match at Clash at the Castle this Saturday. However, a big change slipped in under the radar as the interview began as Riddle was identified by his full name, Matt Riddle, for the first time in two years. The former United States and tag team champion first arrived in NXT under his real name and kept it when he initially jumped to the main roster in 2020 but had his first name shaved off later that year

After a commercial break, the commentary team cut back to the interview where Rollins mentioned Riddle's wife divorcing him. This enraged the former UFC star, shouting at Rollins that he would "f— you up!" while demanding to know where he was in the building. 

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