Ric Flair Spoils Christian's Unsanctioned Match With Randy Orton on WWE Raw

The main event of this week's Monday Night Raw was supposed to mark Christian's first match since [...]

The main event of this week's Monday Night Raw was supposed to mark Christian's first match since his sudden retirement in 2014. Unfortunately for him, Ric Flair decided to turn heel and get involved. The show started with Orton gloating over his win at Backlash against Edge, only for Christian to interrupt and say that Edge would be back once his torn tricep heals. Orton decided to challenge the former World Heavyweight Champion to "One More Match," saying that since Christian can't get medically cleared then they'll have an Unsanctioned Match. Christian debated the offer, but by the midpoint of the show he accepted Orton's challenge.

Flair tried to talk Christian out of the match, but "Captain Charisma" wasn't having it. Just before the main event started Flair walked out, claiming that he had just talked with Edge and that neither of them wanted to see this match happen. Christian responded by saying he "had to do this," so Flair nailed him with a low blow once the bell rang.

Orton nailed Christian with a Punt Kick to win the match in mere seconds.

The show went off the air with medics bringing out a stretcher for Christian. All the while Orton taunted him, begging him for forgiveness while also saying it was all his fault for getting involved.

Shortly before the match started, WWE released a statement confirming that a Performance Center trainee had tested positive for COVID-19.

"A developmental talent, who was last on site at WWE's training facility on Tuesday, June 9, has tested positive for COVID-19," WWE's statement read. "Since that time, no other individuals that attended the facility have reported symptoms. However, out of an abundance of caution and to ensure the health and safety of the company's performers and staff, all talent, production crew and employees on site at the training and production facilities will be tested for COVID-19 immediately. Following the test results, WWE plans to proceed with its normal television production schedule."