The Miz Delays His WWE Championship Match With Bobby Lashley

This week's Monday Night Raw kicked off with an announcement from MVP, informing The Miz that he would be defending the WWE Championship against The Hurt Business' Bobby Lashley at exactly 9 p.m. EST (at the top of Raw's second hour). Lashley arrived in the ring on time for the bout, but Miz was backstage with John Morrison pretending to have stomach issues. He tried to convince Adam Pearce to delay the match but the WWE official wouldn't budge.

Lashley then stormed his way backstage, grabbed Miz by thy throat and said they were still having their title match tonight. He then threw Miz to the ground as the commentary team informed the audience that Miz had another hour to prepare.

One hour passed and Miz finally made his way down to the ring. He attempted to convince Lashley to wait until WrestleMania 37 (pitching it as a stage worthy of Lashley becoming champion after 17 years), but neither Lashley nor MVP would budge. The referee rang the bell and Miz immediately rolled out of the ring, grabbed the title and ran back up the entrance ramp.


MVP and Lashley confronted Shane McMahon backstage, who was just as upset over the situation. He later decided that if Miz did not properly defend the title by the end of the night then he would be stripped of the championship and it would be awarded to Lashley.