The Undertaker Shoots on AJ Styles Ahead of WrestleMania 36

For weeks AJ Styles has been calling out The Undertaker on WWE television, criticizing his behavior on social media and bringing up his real-life wife Michelle McCool. "The Deadman" finally responded on Raw this weeks, mere days before their scheduled Boneyard Match at WrestleMania, and delivered a scathing promo on Styles' career. Taker brought up how Styles was "content with being a big fish in a small pond" 15 years ago, referencing Styles' career in TNA Wrestling and his time on the independent scene. He said he didn't mind Styles trying to rile him up by bringing up his social media posts (or calling him "Goth Tiger King") but did take issue when McCool was brought up.

"You will pay the ultimate price for disrespecting her, my wife Michelle McCool," Taker said, claiming she was able to get his Styles Clash finisher over better than he ever could. "You will pay that price in a Boneyard. Remember, that was your idea? You want to be relevant at the showcase of immortals, WrestleMania? Who better to make that happen than The Undertaker? I'll make you famous."

Taker dared Styles to bring along Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows as well.

Styles took to his Mixer stream last week to explain that a Boneyard match was similar to a Buried Alive Match, though this one will take place at a closed set made to look like a graveyard.


"Let me just say this about The Undertaker and AJ Styles," Styles said. "I feel like AJ Styles has got this guy right where he wants him. He has baited him into a match that he can't win, and I'm talking about The Undertaker can't win,, and we're talking about a Boneyard Match, which is in a graveyard, which is wide open. Anything can happen. Think about that. AJ Styles is the bad guy, he doesn't play fair. There's that, a pretty smart play by AJ Styles if I do say so myself.

"So, let me make myself clear on the Boneyard Match — a Boneyard Match means anything can happen," he added. "It's in a graveyard and there will be a grave. Does that kind of put it into perspective? There will be a hole."

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