Renee Young Accidentally Told WWE's Bayley She Was Pregnant Before Publicly Announcing It

AEW star Jon Moxley and former WWE personality Renee Paquette (formerly Renee Young) revealed on Wednesday that they're expecting their first child. Moxley casually broke the news during a promo on AEW Dynamite, leaving Paquette to respond to dozen of tweets from fellow wrestlers and fans congratulating her. At one point, she revealed how she accidentally told WWE's Bayley about the news before anybody else. The "Role Model" reacted to Moxley's announcement by tweeting to Paquette, "What's cuter, the way the world found out tonight or the way I found out??"

Paquette confirmed she unintentionally texted Bayley about the pregnancy news when she thought she was texting Moxley.

The former interviews, show host and Monday Night Raw color commentator left WWE earlier this year following the cancellation of the FS1 news show WWE Backstage. She has since announced that she's publishing a cookbook, launching a podcast and working with Fox Sports. She explained why she chose to leave WWE after eight years with the company in September.

"I don't know if there was a definitive 'I'm leaving now' [moment]," Young said while on the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast. "Backstage got canceled, I got COVID, a lot of s— just kind of happened... I'm at home, I get my diagnosis, that same day I found out that Backstage gets canceled. But it was really with Backstage being canceled that I was like, 'What am I doing? I'm not really doing anything anymore and my skill set of being a host, there's just nowhere for me to do it anymore. Even with Talking Smack coming back, I had heard the rumblings that Talking Smack was making its way back, I was planning on perhaps doing that. But I was like, 'You know what? I feel like I'm taking steps backward. I'm sorta spinning my wheels to go back and do a show. To not be doing it with [Daniel Bryan.] To not be doing it with [former WWE producer and VP of Television Production] Mike Mansury, who also is no longer with WWE. But that was sort of the magic of what that show was to me.

"It was all that stuff happening at once and just being like, 'What am I doing here? I've checked off all the things I've been able to do.' Stepping away from commentary ultimately left kind of a bad taste in my mouth," she continued. "So going to working for FOX was incredible, and I'll still be doing stuff for FOX as we're kind of figuring out what that looks like with WWE and FOX. But I'll still be working with them on that side of things, so that's cool. Just not really having any platforms with WWE and spinning my wheels, I'm turning 35. It's kind of s— or get off the boat. It's time to start making some other moves. Otherwise, I'm just going to stay here forever and not really be proud of my accomplishments anymore."