Retribution Swears Revenge on The Fiend After WWE Raw's Attack

It looks like Retribution isn't done chasing after The Fiend. This week's Monday Night Raw opened with the masked group surrounding Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss as they stood motionless in the middle of the ring. Suddenly the lights went out, leaving Retribution alone as they took on The Hurt Business in an eight-man tag match. The faction lost when T-Bar submitted to Bobby Lashley (meaning they still haven't won a WWE match), prompting the lights to go out again.

Wyatt then reappeared on the apron and beat down the heel faction, eventually hitting T-Bar with Sister Abigail. He and Bliss both appeared on a Firefly Fun House segment later in the night, while Ali cut a promo backstage explaining his actions and revealing he was SmackDown's hacker from earlier this year.

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#TheFiend had some #RETRIBUTION of his own in mind on #WWERaw.

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Despite being made to look foolish, it doesn't sound like Retribution has given up on targeting the former Universal Champion.

"Earlier tonight, The Fiend and The Hurt Business made a very big mistake. They made the mistake of believing my only power is strength in numbers," Ali said in his promo. "My power is creating chaos. And you all have no idea how much chaos I can create. All I need is a laptop, a cellphone, a secret. And with one click I can make anyone's world come crumbling down. And I've learned to embrace that power. Over this last year while I was sitting at home — because this corrupt company couldn't figure out how to make a buck off of someone with the name Mustafa Ali — I wasn't just watching the show, I was each and every one of these spineless Superstars as they plotted and they backstabbed each other just to get ahead. And I learned all of your pathetic little secrets.

"I mean, at this point, I should just go ahead and confess. That mysterious hacker over on SmackDown, yeah that was me. Because I want the entire world to know that this sick place is infecting everyone with greed and corruption," he continued.