WWE's Rhea Ripley Has First Match Since Injury

Earlier this year WWE Superstar Rhea Ripley was sidelined due to a serious injury earlier this year, and though she's been active on WWE TV as part of Judgement Day, she hasn't actually wrestled in the ring since June. That time has come to a close though, as during a live event in Sioux City Ripley wrestled her first match since that injury, and then acknowledged the return with a Tweet that said "I'm back B******". Fans are thrilled to have Ripley back in action, and perhaps this means we are moving closer to that Beth Phoenix match everyone wants as a result.

Ripley was injured back in June after a collision with the ropes bounced her knee into her face. She would end up having to get dental work done as a result but she would reveal later that the impact also caused a brain injury, and later it would be reported that she was also wearing a heart monitor for a bit afterwards.

At the time she was scheduled for a match against Bianca Belair for the Raw Women's Championship, and that had to be changed due to the injury. Later Ripley would join Edge's Judgement Day faction, which has become a popular faction in WWE and experienced a big shakeup when Finn Balor and the rest of the group overthrew Edge. They've faced each other several times now in various ways, and this all led to Extreme Rules.

Balor would face Edge in an I Quit match at Extreme Rules, and it was one of the best matches of the night, involving just about everyone that's been on the fringes of this storyline. That includes Beth Phoenix, and fans lost their minds when Phoenix and Ripley met face to face. They would battle briefly, but things ended with Ripley giving a ConChairTo to Phoenix with Edge watching on.

As a result, everyone wants Phoenix and Ripley to face each other one-on-one, and now that Ripley is cleared to wrestle again that could actually end up happening. That's sure to be a match saved for an event, and hopefully, we see it all play out soon.

Either way, it's great to have Ripley in action again, and you can check out the post above.

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