WWE's Ricochet Defeats Trick Williams on NXT, Carmelo Hayes Worlds Collide Rematch Teased

WWE NXT's Worlds Collide opened with a fantastic match between NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes and SmackDown Superstar Ricochet, who once held that very same title during his time in NXT. Ricochet looked to have the match won but Trick Williams intervened at a key moment, and Hayes was able to ultimately claim victory and retain his Title. Tonight Ricochet looked to settle the score by taking on Williams one on one, with Melo watching on commentary, and Williams had an impressive showing against the former Intercontinental Champion. At one point Williams got on a role, but Ricochet came roaring back and was able to knock Williams down and get the win. That left Hayes pretty upset, and perhaps we'll see a rematch between the two on Raw or SmackDown soon.

At the beginning of the match, Williams charged forward and Ricochet sent him reeling out of the ring and onto the floor. Then Ricochet knocked Williams back down and into the announce table before going back and forth with Hayes. Williams was back out and got a hit in on Ricochet but then the star knocked him to the floor again after a slick maneuver from the ropes. Ricochet was in control but then Williams countered with a huge kick and attacked Ricochet in the corner, and that's when he started to gain some momentum.

Williams sent Ricochet crashing into the turnbuckle and then he charged and slammed into Ricochet, but he got cocky and Ricochet flipped over him and hit some strikes and chops, but Williams caught him with an uppercut and went for the cover. Ricochet kicked out and Williams tried for the cover again, but Ricochet kicked out once more.

Williams dove forward but missed, and he came back by grabbing the rope and knocking Ricochet down onto the ground. Hayes enjoyed being on commentary and telling Williams to slam ricochet's head onto the table, and he did so three times. He went into the ring but Ricochet caught him with a pin attempt, though he kicked out. Williams then knocked Ricochet's feet out from under him and went for the pin attempt, but Ricochet was once again able to kick out.

Williams readied for a roundhouse but he missed and got knocked down by Ricochet, who hit him with shoulder tackles and a big dive. Then Ricochet connected with kicks in the corner and then hit a splashy elbow drop. Ricochet went up top and hit a huge move on Williams, and that was enough for the pin and the win.


Hayes wasn't happy about Williams losing, and Ricochet was more than happy to flaunt it in Hayes' face. This feud doesn't look like it's ending anytime soon, and if that gets us another match like the one the two had at Worlds Collide, I'm not complaining.

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