WWE's Roman Reigns Reveals His Mount Rushmore Of Wrestling

Roman Reigns has seen a big resurgence since returning to the ring of World Wrestling Entertainment, accompanied to the ring by Paul Heyman with a new attitude that has him destroying anything in his way, and in a recent interview, the larger than life brawler broke down who would make his "Mount Rushmore" of wrestling! Reigns recently battled against his cousin, Jey Uso, during Clash of Champions that went a long way into showing how Roman has changed recently in World Wrestling Entertainment, not being afraid to unleash a serious beat down on his own family!

The "Mount Rushmore" of wrestling is a question that has been asked of a lot of wrestlers currently showing off their skills within the squared circle, with super stars of both the WWE and AEW being asked similar questions when they has to narrow down their top four favorite wrestlers that proceeded them. Though Reigns persona in the ring might be as hard edged as it has ever been within the WWE currently, it's clear that his personality outside of the ring is an affable one as he broke down just which wrestlers he looks up to and has difficulty narrowing it down to four.

Complex Sports recently had the opportunity to sit down with Roman, asking him which wrestlers are able to land in the coveted spot of his favorites, with Reigns listing Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, the Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, and Stone Cold Steve Austin as his top picks that make up his "Mount Rushmore":

Reigns recently decimated his cousin Jey Uso in a one on one match for the Universal Championship belt, adding a new layer to the character that shows how nothing will ultimately stand in his way. With Hell In A Cell on the way as the next big pay-per-view event for the WWE, it will be interesting to see which opponent Reigns will face and whether a rematch might be in the works for Roman and his cousin. Needless to say, Reigns has certainly changed in terms of his overall persona and fans are digging it!

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