Roman Reigns Teases Changing His Entrance Theme, Ring Gear

Even though Roman Reigns has already turned heel, aligned himself with Paul Heyman and captured the WWE Universal Championship, the "Tribal Chief" hasn't changed much about his appearance or presentation in the past month. According to Reigns, that will slowly start to change beginning this Sunday. While conducting a Q&A with fans on the Mania Club Facebook group, Reigns revealed that he'll be wrestling without a shirt or a vest (something he's done since first arriving on the main roster in The Shield back in 2012) at Clash of Champions this weekend, and that he has new entrance music on the way.

"The gear, let me address that — get over it," he said. "I'm not going to run out there in trunks. I've been wearing a SWAT outfit my entire career, so I'm going to stick with those pants. If you watch this Sunday, you'll probably see me with my shirt off. That will be the change. [I've been] putting in some work. I'm not perfect, I'm not a bodybuilder, so I'm not stage-ready where you can see my spine through my abs. But I feel confident enough to go out there and be a scary-looking athlete. And god bless my cousin because I'm going to have to whoop him. That's going to be the only difference. I'm not one of those guys -- and this is coming from a guy who wore a vest, it just happened that way -- coming into the wrestling business I never wanted the outfit to be the costume for me. I always felt like I am the Superstar, I don't want my outfit to be the Superstar."

He then addressed the music, saying that his character progression will take time and that he didn't want the change to happen all at once.

"The music, that's a little more than me just creating my own music," he said. "We've got to go through the channels with that one. At the same time, it's not like I came out and am an ultra bad guy. You've seen it in little steps, little layers. All the way up to this past week where you can see me really enjoying my cousin's company and the victory with him all the way to going through the process of 'that fool touched my title!'


"I want all the nuances to add up," he continued. "Because I am a full-time performer, you have to keep things fresh, every single week we have to do something new. So I decided to save the new music. Hopefully, down the line, once more drastic things happen and the story unfolds..."

Reigns will put his Universal Championship on the line against his cousin, Jey Uso, at this Sunday's pay-per-view.