Roman Reigns Explains Why He and Vince McMahon Didn't Agree on His New WWE Entrance Music

Roman Reigns has been using his new entrance theme, "Head of the Table" since his last title defense against Daniel Bryan back in late April. Since then, it's become as big of a staple of Reigns' onscreen persona as his yearlong Universal Championship reign, and its official post on WWE's YouTube channel has more than six million plays. Reigns praised the final product during an interview with Bleacher Report earlier this week but also revealed that he and Vince McMahon ("The Big Man" as he called him) didn't see eye-to-eye on the song at first.

"A lot of it was just trying to create that iconic feel to where immediately you know, 'Oh, he's here. He's coming out,'" Reigns said. "That's where we went with the two different beats, the two different melodies: to have that 20-, 25-second opening that's preparing them. I wanted it to transition from there into something more I could vibe to. The old Shield Roman Reigns theme was cool, and it grew on me. And if you do something over and over for a long time, you figure out how to vibe to it, but this is a track that makes my head nod, and you'll see it and my cousins are doing the same thing in the back. It gives you that ultimate swag when you're walking out. And especially for an entrance, that's the most important thing: people seeing and feeling that swagger and energy and confidence coming off of you."

"It wasn't ready," he added when asked why it didn't debut earlier that month at WrestleMania 37. "Me and the big man weren't agreeing on a couple of things, so I was like, 'Screw it, I'm not going out to it now.' I have to feel it because nobody outside of my cousins and Paul is walking out to that. To me, these are the types of things I have to 100 percent be connected to, and that's why our audience can trust me and the presentation and the character and everything I'm doing. If it doesn't feel right, I'm not going to do that s—. It's got to be on point with how I feel, and I have to be able to commit and connect to it. Otherwise it's going to be see-through. I'm not the type that can memorize and recite. I have to feel. I have to have instincts. And for me to be able to do that, I have to be comfortable and committed and believe in what's presented to me so I can present it to our audience."