WWE Ranks Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar's Greatest Moments

WWE officially announced last week that Roman Reigns will defend the WWE Universal Championship against Brock Lesnar at the Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia in October. And while the pair have only met in one-on-one matches four times, their rivalry stretches all the way back to 2015 when Reigns won that year's Royal Rumble and tried to beat "The Beast" for his WWE Championship. Reigns finally pinned Lesnar back at SummerSlam 2018 for the Universal Championship, and their upcoming bout will likely have a much different dynamic now that Reigns is a heel and Lesnar is (somewhat) a babyface.

WWE's YouTube channel uploaded its latest Top 10 rankings video on Sunday morning, this time counting down the biggest moments between "The Tribal Chief" and the former UFC Heavyweight Champion. They include:

10. Lesnar attacking Paul Heyman at Madison Square Garden, only for Reigns to make the save

9. Lesnar beating up a handcuffed Reigns on an episode of Raw

8. Reigns spearing Lesnar as he entered the ring during a Raw promo ahead of the 2016 Royal Rumble

7. Lesnar coining the phrase "Suplex City, B—!" during their match at WrestleMania 31

6. Reigns hitting Lesnar with five consecutive Superman Punches

5. Lesnar knocking Reigns out with a guillotine 

4. Reigns spearing Lesnar through the cage wall at the Greatest Royal Rumble

3. Lesnar sending Reigns through a table with an F-5 during WrestleMania 34

2. Lesnar retains his title in a four-way at SummerSlam by pinning Reigns

1. Reigns beating Lesnar for the Universal title at SummerSlam

After beating John Cena to retain his title at SummerSlam last month, Reigns was immediately confronted by a returning Lesnar, who hadn't been seen on WWE TV in roughly 16 months. He then tried to no-sell "The Beast's" comeback while on The Bump. 


"I think he wanted to get the best look possible at what's going on here, the most dominant Universal Champion to ever do this thing," Reigns said. "I think he sees the Island of Relevancy just like John Cena did. He's just coming with like a farmer/butcher outlook as opposed to being the Hollywood guy. But yeah it just goes to show all this work, this foundation of greatness that I've been laying down, what the Bloodline's been doing, continually showing everybody that we're number one.

"It's really just to put themselves in the conversation with me, to amplify everything, but there ain't really anybody out there that can compete with what we're doing," he added. "Between me and my cousins, the wise man, we come together and we're putting together greatness right now. We're raising the bar and lifting the standard, and I think Brock Lesnar, like everybody else, in this industry, they want to be a part of that."