WWE's Sasha Banks Changes Twitter Handle To Her Real Name

There have been a bevy of rumors and reports regarding Sasha Banks and Naomi returning to WWE after they walked out and left their WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Titles behind. Recently it seemed like things were inching towards reconciliation between Banks and WWE, but that remains to be seen, and the latest development suggests even if she does return she might be keeping things more divided, as she changed her Twitter handle and display name from Sasha Banks to @MercedesVarnado. What this means for her wrestling career is up in the air, and she does include Sasha Banks and WWE in her bio as well as The Mandalorian.

Varnado has been busy lately, as alongside Trinity Fatu she has appeared at several big premieres (including She-Hulk and Andor) and also walked the runway at New York Fashion Week. She also made her first official convention appearance post-WWE at C2E2, and it drew a substantial crowd. After walking the runway over the course of several days Varnado spoke to Page Six about her runway debut, and she compared it to her first match in the ring.

(Photo: Twitter)

"It felt chaotic. It felt like my first wrestling match all over again! I'm back to being the new girl," Varnado said. "It felt like everyone was like, 'Who's this? Who's taking my spot?' But I just had to walk in with confidence like I knew what I was doing because this has been a dream of mine for such a long time, to be in the modeling space."

"I took a deep breath and told myself, 'I belong,'" she continued. "Tyra, Adriana Lima, I grew up watching all of the Victoria's Secret girls, so I always dreamt of being on a runway. Watching those girls, I was always like, 'I want to have wings one day.'"

Recent reports have suggested that Varnado might be returning to WWE alongside Fatu now that Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and Nick Khan are the ones in power, as her walkout occurred while Vince McMahon was still in charge. Many WWE fans are still hopeful that happens, but who knows, perhaps this is the first step towards another promotion whenever contracts allow.