WWE: Watch Behind-The-Scenes Footage From Sasha Banks' New Film

Sasha Banks (real name Mercedes Varnado) has been away from the WWE since walking out of a Monday Night Raw episode back in May and it looks like she's furthering her acting career in her time away from the squared circle. A brief behind-the-scenes shot from the filming of the upcoming movie The Collective made its way online this week via director Tom DeNucci. The clip shows Banks attempting to attack a man before he leaps over a desk and tries to flee by going down a set of stairs.

It's believed that the film's production is what Banks was referencing during a recent Instagram post. She posted back in early November, "The date is coming that I have been waiting for, for the past 6 months, and I can't wait. But I am really gonna make the most of this November to make all my dreams happen in preparation for this date that I've been waiting for. I'm very excited, and I hope you guys come along for this journey. I just want to let you know there's going to be something so f—ing crazy coming." She then tweeted this weekend that filming had wrapped on the project. Stay tuned for more details on the film as they become available!

Banks' walkout had to do with her and Naomi having disagreements with WWE management over their booking as the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships. Having won the titles at WrestleMania 38, the two pushed to defend the gold at Hell in a Cell, but WWE higher-ups instead wanted each of them to challenge for one of the singles championships at the pay-per-view (and presumably lose). The two then opted to drop the titles on John Laurinaitis' desk and left the building just as the show was getting underway. WWE responded by suspending the pair indefinitely, stripping them of the tag titles and having the commentary teams chastise them publicly for several weeks. 


However, both Laurinaitis and Vince McMahon have since departed from WWE. There have since been rumors of the company trying to get Banks and Naomi via their new leadership (Stephanie McMahon, Nick Khan and Paul Levesque) but nothing has materialized on TV. And even though there were rumors of the two being granted their releases from WWE, they still haven't been removed from WWE's public roster on its official website.