Several Big Matches Already Advertised For SmackDown 1000

Yesterday, WWE officially unveiled the details for their big 1,000th episode of SmackDown in [...]

Yesterday, WWE officially unveiled the details for their big 1,000th episode of SmackDown in October. Today, we're already seeing some matches advertised for the show.

The Capital One Arena in Washington D.C. is advertising the show as having a triple main event. One of those bouts features Daniel Bryan, who still has not actually re-signed with WWE and is presently not under contract past September 1st.

You can see the full details from the arena below.

WWE Smackdown 1000

The 1,000th episode of WWE SmackDown Live will air on Tuesday, October 16th from Washington, DC. WWE SmackDown premiered on broadcast television almost 20 year ago on April 29, 1999. The show has switched days and networks several times since. For more information, visit: //

Triple Main Event!

AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe!

~ WWE Championship Match ~

Daniel Bryan vs The Miz!

Jeff Hardy vs Randy Orton!

See your favorite WWE Superstars including:

The Undertaker
United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura
Tag Team Champions The Bludgeon Brothers
Women's Champion Carmella

…and many more!

Card is subject to change

Notice the card subject to change line, which is the case for every live event. So if, for example, Bryan does not re-sign with the company, this gives the company a legal out in having advertised him for the SmackDown 1,000 event.

Also notable here is that The Undertaker has been officially advertised for the show and is scheduled to be there. SmackDown 1000 is exactly 10 days after 'Taker will wrestle Triple H at the big Super Show-Down event in Australia, a bout advertised as being the last ever between the two Attitude Era legends.

Also notable here is from the advertised, it looks as if AJ Styles and Samoa Joe look to be extending their WWE championship feud past SummerSlam. The same goes for Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy and the U.S. title. That gives one pause for sure. It's not entirely impossible that these two feuds could still be going on in two months, but it seems more likely WWE doesn't want to tip their hand on their October storylines and is merely sending out match listings that reflect today's storylines rather than what will be happening two months from now.