WWE SmackDown: Braun Strowman Invades the Firefly Funhouse in Wild Ending Ahead of SummerSlam

Tonight's episode of SmackDown held several surprises, but one of the most interesting ones was saved for the end of the show. During Bray Wyatt's Firefly Funhouse segment, Bray addressed his match at SummerSlam against Braun Strowman, but during his promo he stopped, having sensed something, and then said: "what took you so long". This is when Strowman crashed the set and brutally beat down Bray, sending him to the floor and continuing to beat on him. That wasn't the end of it though, as Braun was intent on demolishing Bray, and he dragged Bray off the set and to the backstage area for another crazy spot.

Strowman would continue to punch and beat down Bray backstage through the hallways, and Bray didn't seem to fight back much. Strowman then decided to put an end to the fight by picking up Bray by the neck and threatening to throw him off the platform to the concrete below, and he did just that.

The fall was pretty far, and Bray landed directly on the concrete. He didn't move at all while personnel and EMTs loaded him into the ambulance, and then WWE officials hit the Ambulance to get it to the hospital.

The ambulance took a bit longer to move but it did eventually, though it stopped before it left the building. Officials didn't know what was happening, and then the ambulance started backing up as the sirens cut off.

After the ambulance backed up a bit, the inside of the ambulance was lit up in bright red, signifying The Fiend.

That's exactly who it was when the doors opened up. The Fiend looked over everyone as the camera zoomed in, and then he started laughing maniacally as SmackDown ended.


So, Braun might have taken down Bray, but he did not take down The Fiend, and it appears we are in for a crazy match at SummerSlam.

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