WWE SmackDown Reveals Liv Morgan's Extreme Rules Opponent

WWE SmackDown Women's Champion Liv Morgan was able to counter Shayna Bazler's deadliest moves at Clash at the Castle and continue her Title reign, and now she will defend her Title once again at the upcoming Extreme Rules premium live event. Her opponent for the match was set to be decided in a Fatal 5-Way match on tonight's episode of SmackDown, and that match included Lacey Evans, Natalya, Sonya Deville, Xia-Li, and Ronda Rousey, who Morgan defeated at SummerSlam to retain her Title. After tonight's match-up, it will be Ronda Rousey who will face Morgan for the Title at Extreme Rules, which takes place next month.

Deville went after Rousey first but that got countered into an armbar until everyone just joined up against Rousey, throwing her to the outside. Xia then tried to roll up Natalya but she hit a clothesline and went for a pin herself, but Xia kicked out. A sharpshooter attempt followed but Evans broke it up with a Woman's Right only for Deville to hit her with a dropkick. Rousey then dragged Deville out of the ring and slammed her into the barricade.

Rousey then went after Natalya's arm and locked in an armbar and she had to tap out, knocking her out of the match. Evans hit a neckbreaker on Rousey and then went for a cover but Rousey countered into an armbar. Xia broke it up and then hit a leg drop on Rousey and went for a cover but she kicked out. Xia picked up Rousey but she got away and tried to lock in an armbar but Evans rolled Rousey up and broke it up.

Rousey then had Evans in an armbar while Deville locked in one on Xia, and both were eliminated. It was just Deville and Rousey, and while Deville went for a takedown Rousey got on top and hit more punches. Deville tried to push her away and then Rousey rolled through a move and lifted her up for a Piper's Pit, but Deville then countered into a choke.

Rousey slammed Deville down but she waa still on her back, though a slam into the barricade broke it finally. Rousey rolled her into the ring and then lifted her up again, and this time she hit the Piper's Pitt and went for the armbar. She then went for the Ankle Lock and locked it in, and Deville had to tap. Now Rousey is the Number 1 contender for Morgan's SmackDown Women's Championship.

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